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Title : Digital Cop
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Digital Cop

Digital Cop
By:"Sahil Baghla and Arun Soni"
Published on 2015-09-07 by Notion Press

Authors and ardent techies, Sahil Baghla and Arun Soni share their innate wisdom on protecting yourself and your family from certain vices of technology. They also show us how to make the most of it! With just a little help from our trusty computers and smart phones, the duo educate us on a variety of practical applications and online safeguards to help us get the best out of technology and not get beat down by it. *Did you know that there are actually applications to enable us to send a ‘self-destruct’ message? *Did you know that you can convert your free time into a lucrative career by getting genuine work online? *Why and how is your computer susceptible to a virus, and how can you prevent people from hacking into your email account? *How do you track someone’s location using their phone GPS, and how do you use your smart phone to check for hidden cameras? These are only some of the questions to which you will finally have the answers! From the ordinary and practical to the amusing, they give you solutions that range from the mundane to the ingenious! And in a language that’s simple, and easy to follow … Read on. ‘Digital Cop’ promises to serve and cyber secure everyone!

This Book was ranked 8 by Google Books for keyword how to hack wifi password.

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