Space Exploration (eBook)

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Title : Space Exploration (eBook)
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Space Exploration (eBook)

Space Exploration (eBook)
By:"Karen Hales Mecham"
Published on 1995-09-01 by Lorenz Educational Press

The information and activities in this Space Exploration Resource Guide are organized in roughly three sections: the Space Travel Simulation; Our Solar System and Beyond; and Energy, Force, and Motion in Space. Learning opportunities in each section are planned to engage children and teachers in experiences that allow for free exploration, concept development, and application of concepts. A classroom space shuttle simulation provides the focus for child exploration throughout the unit of study. The activities in the resource guide are not organized in a sequential, lock-step way, but rather are structured so teachers can choose from activities as if they were selecting from a menu—planning learning opportunities based on children's interests and levels of understanding. Four transparencies (print books) or PowerPoint slides (eBooks) are included to engage students in discussion and reinforce the concepts presented in the book.

This Book was ranked 20 by Google Books for keyword national geographic picture atlas of our universe.

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