Hacking Exposed Wireless

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Title : Hacking Exposed Wireless
link : Hacking Exposed Wireless

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Hacking Exposed Wireless

Hacking Exposed Wireless
By:"Johnny Cache","Vincent Liu"
Published on 2007-04-10 by McGraw Hill Professional

Secure Your Wireless Networks the Hacking Exposed Way Defend against the latest pervasive and devastating wireless attacks using the tactical security information contained in this comprehensive volume. Hacking Exposed Wireless reveals how hackers zero in on susceptible networks and peripherals, gain access, and execute debilitating attacks. Find out how to plug security holes in Wi-Fi/802.11 and Bluetooth systems and devices. You'll also learn how to launch wireless exploits from Metasploit, employ bulletproof authentication and encryption, and sidestep insecure wireless hotspots. The book includes vital details on new, previously unpublished attacks alongside real-world countermeasures. Understand the concepts behind RF electronics, Wi-Fi/802.11, and Bluetooth Find out how hackers use NetStumbler, WiSPY, Kismet, KisMAC, and AiroPeek to target vulnerable wireless networks Defend against WEP key brute-force, aircrack, and traffic injection hacks Crack WEP at new speeds using Field Programmable Gate Arrays or your spare PS3 CPU cycles Prevent rogue AP and certificate authentication attacks Perform packet injection from Linux Launch DoS attacks using device driver-independent tools Exploit wireless device drivers using the Metasploit 3.0 Framework Identify and avoid malicious hotspots Deploy WPA/802.11i authentication and encryption using PEAP, FreeRADIUS, and WPA pre-shared keys

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