Prophecies of Joseph Smith

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Title : Prophecies of Joseph Smith
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Prophecies of Joseph Smith

Prophecies of Joseph Smith
By:"Duane S. Crowther"
Published on 2008-01-01 by Cedar Fort

When the word of the prophet shall come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the Lord hath truly sent him. - Jeremiah 28:9 with false ideology bombarding us on every side, we can look to the fulfillment of prophecy as a test to identify those who truly speak in the name of God. the Prophecies of Joseph Smith bears witness that the Lord has spoken in these latter days. a confirmation of the authenticity of Joseph Smith and his message, this unique volume cites hundreds of prophecies by and about Joseph, describes the circumstances under which they were uttered, and explains in detail how they were fulfilled. Pulling from ancient scripture and modern history, this book brings together a multitude of prophecies for comparison and scrutiny. Charts, photographs, and outlines explain major prophecies, doctrinal principles, and historical events. Rich with historical detail, this easy-to-read book will hold the interest of young and old alike. a volume that will bring new understanding to seekers of truth, this classic LDS bestseller by gospel scholar Duane Crowther provides knowledge and stability to those who are searching for a personal testimony of God's prophecies and modern revelations.

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