The Humiliation of Sinners

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Title : The Humiliation of Sinners
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The Humiliation of Sinners

The Humiliation of Sinners
By:"Mary C. Mansfield"
Published on 2005 by Cornell University Press

Despite the reforms of the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, which brought new privacy to the relationship between Christian and God with regard to confession, public penance continued to exist. In this book, newly published in paperback, Mary Mansfield questions the realities of the `penitential revolution' of the early 13th century and demonstrates aspects of continuity in forms of public penance, especially in northern France. Drawing on a range of sources, including theological treatises, confessors' manuals, Episcopal registers, and various statutes, chronicles and liturgical works, she traces the development and use of public penance and addresses issues of private versus public contrition, questions of communality versus religious individuality, forms of humiliation, and so on. From well-known nobles to peasants, Mansfield shows that public forms of humiliation continued to be doled out for a range of punishments, from heinous crimes to minor brawls, throughout the 13th century.

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