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Title : Overfiend
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By:"David Annandale"
Published on 2015-10-13 by Games Workshop

The latest title in the premium Warhammer 40,000 series For many long years, the ork warlord known as the Overfiend of Octarius has bedevilled the Imperium, ruling his alien empire in the heart of the Emperor’s realm. Now, at last, three Chapters of Space Marines come together to destroy the greenskin menace and restore Imperial rule. The Salamanders, White Scars and Raven Guard, together with their allies from the Astra Militarum and bolstered by the aid of the mercurial alien eldar, fall upon the worlds of Octarius system with chainsword and bolter, bringing death to the orks.

This Book was ranked 36 by Google Books for keyword warhammer 40000 english.

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