Crazy Sexy Juice

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Title : Crazy Sexy Juice
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Crazy Sexy Juice

Crazy Sexy Juice
By:"Kris Carr"
Published on 2015-10-20 by Hay House

Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Juice is a completely original, up-to-date and colourful guide to the wonderful world of fruit and vegetable elixirs. 100+ all-new recipes, developed especially for this book, contain superpowers ranging from immunity boosters, inflammation fighters, happiness helpers, longevity leaders, mood fixers and booty enhancers. The all-green healthful tonics and fruity and refreshing potions are organized by function, including The Cleansers, The Healers, The Boosters and The Beautifiers. Kris also addresses every concern you may have about juicing and blending. -Here's what you can expect from this essential, concise (crazy, sexy) reference: -Flavour combinations that tantalize your palate -Tips for blending and juicing on the go -Handy lists of helpful kitchen tools -The 411 on alkalinity and why it's important -Hints on handling mental and emotional hurdles that come with change -An easy 3-day cleanse...and so much more Join Kris Carr on yet another adventure in health, happiness, and the delicious food that can make a powerful impact on your overall vitality.

This Book was ranked 17 by Google Books for keyword essential cookbook bundle dh kitchen.

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