I Am Slaughter

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Title : I Am Slaughter
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I Am Slaughter

I Am Slaughter
By:"Dan Abnett"
Published on 2016-01-12 by Games Workshop

As the greatest Ork Waaagh! ever seen threatens to engulf the galaxy, the Imperial Fists make their last stand It is the thirty-second millennium and the Imperium is at peace. The Traitor Legions of Chaos are but a distant memory and the many alien races that have long plagued mankind are held in check by the Space Marines. When a mission to exterminate one such xenos breed on the world of Ardamantua draws in more of their forces, the Imperial Fists abandon the walls of Terra for the first time in more than a thousand years. And when another, greater, foe strikes, even the heroic sons of Rogal Dorn may be powerless against it. The Beast Arises… and it is mighty.

This Book was ranked 6 by Google Books for keyword warhammer 40000 english.

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