Paint Like Monet

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Title : Paint Like Monet
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Paint Like Monet

Paint Like Monet
By:"James Heard"
Published on 2006-08-01 by Cassell

Monet's revolutionary approach to painting allowed a new understanding of light, composition, and form. By exploring how his paintings were conceived, constructed, and executed, aspiring artists can broaden their technical knowledge and vastly expand their creative horizons. The first in a new series of instructional books, Paint Like Monet takes the reader on a guided journey through the artist's methods, tools, materials, and techniques. Step-by-step exercises and detailed explanations of composition and context are complemented by ideas on developing a personal style and tips on how to check and improve a painting in progress. This hands-on encounter with Impressionist theory is rich with insight and inspiration for anyone interested in art-offering a master class with one of history's greatest artists.

This Book was ranked 5 by Google Books for keyword paint with the impressionists.

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