The Cowboy Wins a Bride

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Title : The Cowboy Wins a Bride
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The Cowboy Wins a Bride

The Cowboy Wins a Bride
By:"Cora Seton"
Published on 2013-05-30 by One Acre Press

All Jamie Lassiter wants is to marry his best friend's sister and settle down for the rest of his life in Chance Creek. He's saved his money, bought into the Cruz Guest Ranch and he's ready for that wedding, but Claire Cruz is nowhere to be found. Claire's too busy leaving Montana behind to care about cowboys or their wedding plans. She's got plans of her own - a trip around the world. She'll go as soon as she buys her tickets and she doesn't care if she ever sees Chance Creek again. Desperate to change Claire's mind, Jamie proposes a bet: give him six weeks to convince her to marry him. If he can't, he'll pay for her round-the-world tickets himself. Claire can wait six weeks if it means free tickets and a chance to get a little revenge on a man who once broke her heart. She's got only one stipulation: Jamie can't touch or flirt with her - or any other woman - while the bet is on. Now Jamie's on the run from a bevy of cowboy-groupie ranch guests, and Claire's learning she cares about the ranch - and Jamie - more than she dreamed possible. Maybe it's time to lose that bet. As long as Jamie loses it first.

This Book was ranked 28 by Google Books for keyword the cowboy father three brides for three cowboys.

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