Schools Cannot Do it Alone

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Title : Schools Cannot Do it Alone
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Schools Cannot Do it Alone

Schools Cannot Do it Alone
By:"Jamie Robert Vollmer"
Published on 2010 by Vollmer and Associates Incorporated

Schools Cannot Do It Alone tells of Jamie Vollmer, businessman and attorney,as he travels through through the land of public education. His encounters with blueberries, bell curves, and smelly eighth graders lead him to two critical discoveries. First, we have a systems problem, not a people problem. We must change the system to get the graduates we need. Second, we cannot touch the system without touching the culture of the surrounding town; everything that goes on inside a school is tied to local attitudes, values, traditions, and beliefs. Drawing on his work in hundreds of districts, Jamie offers teachers, administrators, board members,and their allies a practical program to secure the understanding, trust, permission, and support they need to change the system and increase student success.

This Book was ranked 33 by Google Books for keyword stress management for teenagers parents and teachers a breakthrough approach to get rid of stress at its roots.

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