Invincible Spirit

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Title : Invincible Spirit
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Invincible Spirit

Invincible Spirit
By:"Liz Wickins"
Published on 2012-10-02 by Penguin UK

This book is about a family who have had to adapt their lives to include a boy with Down syndrome, with all its challenges and joys. His name is Jonathan and the family is mine.' With heart-warming honesty, Liz Wickins shares the story of her son Jonathan and through it helps to answer the question asked by many parents of children with disabilities - 'Can I love this child?' Liz Wickins does not minimise the responsibilities involved in caring for a child with a disability, nor does she fantasise about the realities. Jonathan's journey has been marked by hardship and heartache, but it has also contained moments of sheer elation and joy. The thread that runs through her story is an affirmation of the value of children like Jonathan and their place in society. Jonathan has given his family many priceless gifts - he has taught them about patience, perseverance and tenacity and he has shown them how to love completely and unconditionally.

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