Erotic Morality

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Title : Erotic Morality
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Erotic Morality

Erotic Morality
By:"Linda Holler"
Published on 2002-01-01 by Rutgers University Press

Erotic Morality examines the role of the senses and the emotions, especially touch, in moral reflection and agency. Moving from organic disorders such as autism to culturally induced feeling disorders found in dualistic philosophy, pornography, and some forms of sadomasochism, Linda Holler argues that reclaiming the sentient awareness necessary to our physical and moral well-being demands healing the places where we have become numb or hypersensitive to touch. By considering ascetic practices designed to produce what Buddhists call mindfulness, Holler presents alternatives to destructive patterns of actions dictated by desensitivity and habitual conditioning.

This Book was ranked 1 by Google Books for keyword awakening compassion meditation practices for difficult times.

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