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Title : Hack the SAT
link : Hack the SAT

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Hack the SAT

Hack the SAT
By:"Eliot Schrefer"
Published on 2008-07-17 by Penguin

A top SAT coach—whose high-scoring strategies earned him $300 an hour from Manhattan’s elite private-school students —now makes his unique, proven secrets available to all. Money can buy academic success, and the SAT is no exception. Harvard honors graduate Eliot Schrefer discovered this lucrative truth when he took a job at the nation’s most exclusive test-prep firm. He has helped hundreds of his clients raise their scores an average of 300 points and reel in admission to exclusive colleges. Now, in a guide that is as unique as his tricks, Schrefer brings his extraordinary pointers to every anxious applicant. This user-friendly rescue manual delivers such scoreboosting features as: a killer vocabulary list, including words the SAT has repeated for decades (and why reading Vanity Fair magazine is smart test prep) cheap tricks to master the math section (surprise! you learned all you needed to know about SAT math by the eighth grade) how to be a grammar genius without cracking another book (bonus: discover the tiny subset of grammar rules that is the SAT’s secret lover) Schrefer writes in a snappy, conversational tone, dishing gossipy anecdotes about former clients while presenting advice not found in competing books. With a design that is as vibrant as a gamer’s virtual world, this is the ultimate weapon in the quest for test-score triumph.

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