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By:"Justin Hatmaker"
Published on 2016-01-19 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Learn the Hidden Secrets of Computer Hackers! Are you curious about the world of hacking? Do you know how hackers break down passwords and break into systems? Would you like to protect your computer systems - and your personal information? With Justin Hatmaker's Hacking: Penetration Testing, Basic Security, and How to Hack, you can do all this and more! What types of hacking attacks are out there? How can you defend yourself? Justin gives you an overview of the various types of hacking: Computer Hacking Mobile Device Hacking Network Hacking and much more! How can you get started? What are the basics of hacking? In Hacking: Penetration Testing, Basic Security, and How to Hack, Justin teaches you how to become a basic level hacker. Without complicated jargon and high-level coding, he explains the primary concepts of hacking - in simple, easy-to-understand language! How do you know if your systems are secure? With this book, you'll learn all about penetration testing, using anti-virus software, and the do's and don'ts of internet security. Justin gives you an overview of the most popular hacking software and hardware tools - and how you can keep yourself safe from them! Don't wait - Secure your computer TODAY. Download Your Copy of Hacking: Penetration Testing, Basic Security, and How to Hack right away! You'll be so glad you gained this power - and peace of mind!

This Book was ranked 7 by Google Books for keyword how to hack.

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