Dr Luc's Promise

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Title : Dr Luc's Promise
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Dr Luc's Promise

Dr Luc's Promise
By:"Luc Evenepoel"
Published on 2012-09-28 by Penguin UK

Why is the butter in a croissant not actually the worst part for you? Why can diet drinks make you gain weight? Why might going to the gym less be exactly the thing you need to do to lose those extra pounds? In this groundbreaking book Dr Luc Evenepoel answers all these questions and more, explaining why the basic ideas we are fed about dieting are often the very reason that we cannot lose weight. Dr Luc’s Promise will give you the tools to re-engineer what you think you know about diets and dieting, allowing you to finally understand what is preventing you from attaining your ideal weight. You’ll learn why juice is not any better than cola, why pasta is probably better than bread but only if it’s not overcooked, and why you should never skip breakfast. You’ll learn why you can lose weight from spending more time sleeping, how you can lose 15 kilos in a year by simply changing your crockery, why fussing about food is worse than relaxing about it, and why diets don't work and slimming pills neither. Luc Evenepoel obtained his medical degree from the University of Louvain, Belgium (his home country), and his degree of specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He lives and practices in Cape Town.

This Book was ranked 25 by Google Books for keyword how to gain weight.

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