How to Become a Pokemon Master

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Title : How to Become a Pokemon Master
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How to Become a Pokemon Master

How to Become a Pokemon Master
By:"Hank Schlesinger"
Published on 2016-03-15 by Macmillan

Find out everything you need to know to master the world's favorite hand-held game. It's all here. Amaze your friends, astound you parents, and impress your classmates with the valuable expert tips that can turn you into a champion Pokemon player. And you'll get them straight from the source: kids just like you who have played for hours on end and discovered the amazing secrets of this awesome game!Author Hank Schlesinger-an avid video game junkie himself-has interviewed kids who love Pokemon, and thrown in his insights and tips, to create the ultimate Pokemon guide. Learn from the pros-other kids who have aced Pokemon! From raising Pokemon to defeating the most deadly enemies in battle-these are the tips that no serious player can afford to miss. Compete on your own or plug into a friend's Game Boy and share the fun. Either way, you'll want the best hints and strategies-from the best players-for this amazing game of courage, skill...and monsters! With special bonus tips for other Game Boy games. This book has not been authorized or endorsed by any creator, manufacturer or distributor of Pokemon games of toys, or any creator or producer of the \

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